This website is created to represent the writing work of Sean Gaffney.cropped-gaffney-on-set

Over the years I’ve directed, taught, produced, critiqued, edited, and written plays, films, television and a few Larry Boy books. I left my full time writing position at CBN recently to teach script and screenwriting at Asbury University. I am still writing for several Superbook projects, including The Superbook Show.

Questions? Comments? Email me.

Thanks for visiting. Y’all come back now, ya hear!

“I learned more about the art of writing screenplays in one writing seminar from Sean Gaffney than in an entire year at the American Film Institute.” —Robert G. Lee, comic/writer for Veggie Tales

“Thank you so much for the critique. It is just what I need to take my writing to the next level. You not only told me what was specifically wrong, but also what I could specifically do to improve it and what was most important to do first. An action plan–I love it!” -Carol Hall, novelist, screenwriter

“Sean is a master at what he does, but what makes him such a great teacher is that he can communicate how to improve writing skills to people no matter what level of expertise they may be writing from.” —Kim Messer, Product Manager/Editor Lillenas Drama

“His insights into the writing process are as stimulating as they are useful. You’ll leave the classroom eager to fire up your computer and get to work.” —Paul Buchanan, Professor of English, Biola University

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