When I start thinking my creativity is hot stuff…

I get put in my place just by taking a gander at real creativity.

Presenting my niece or nephew.



2 responses to “When I start thinking my creativity is hot stuff…”

  1. Jeffrey Overstreet says :

    Being an uncle is awesome.I have 20 nephews and neices… and that’s just on my wife’s side of the family. They’re all amazing.One of them is named Auralia… after the main character of my novel (which, by the way, I’m sending off to the publisher today.)Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS in advance. The little nipper even looks like you! Something about the forehead…

  2. Gaffney says :

    I think, if I’m keeping count correctly, that this baby Chick (congrats Becky & Tim) will actually be niece (or nephew) #39. #38 is due TOMORROW to Sean’s baby brother Luke, and sweet Sarah.And #40 is due early summer to Sean’s brother Mark and lovely Aaron.With 11 siblings, it’s a good thing we enjoy the role of Aunt Cath and Uncle Funny.PS: Congrats on your book, Jeff! Yahoo!

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