Attention Cat Lovers

We want to hear from you…

Sean & I are looking to adopt a kitty fairly soon.

We know that cat owners are passionate about their pets, so we’d like to get your opinions on a few issues:

  • Is it better to get an adult cat (already litter trained!) or a kitten?
  • One kitty or two (so they have a playmate)? If two, should they be siblings, or just friends?
  • Favorite breed? (we do know we want a short haired breed)
  • Male or female?
  • Preferred litter box material?
  • Great food?
  • Other important “you’ve GOT to know this if you have a kitty” type advice?

We look forward to hearing your cat-wisdom.

Thank you!


This is Shale, waiting to be adopted at Cat Connection in Sherman Oaks. We met her on Sunday. What a sweetie.


6 responses to “Attention Cat Lovers”

  1. janet says :

    Having just adopted 2 kittens last month, I can answer these questions! <>If a kitten is not already litter-trained, it is not ready to be adopted, certainly not by anyone so cat-unfamiliar as to have to ask the question. (We once were handed a 4-day old lost kitten and told to rescue her — we were not ready to handle her. A disaster.) Other than that, just know that at this time of year, there won’t be many kittens left. Kittens are born pretty much late spring to early fall. Any “kittens” available for adoptions (ours were born in early Oct.) are probably close to being “cats” by now. <>We have always had one cat at a time until now. But this time we took two (they’re small!)… Brother and sister (“Luke” and “Leia”). It’s actually quite fun watching them play together. I can imagine life alone as a kitty could be a bit boring. Siblings/friends — don’t think it matters, as long as they’ve grown up together. <>Short hair short hair short hair! <>We have actually preferred male cats. More fun, rowdier, a bit less mean. (Sorry, Leia, but you know it’s true.) <>ScoopAway — or anything that clumps the urine for you. They sell it cheap at Costco. <>Cats, like kids, decide what they want to eat. Our current cats won’t touch wet food. (If your future cat(s) like it, we have a whole case. We’ll make you a deal.) Dry food is cheaper. Some say healthier. If they’re kittens, start with kitten chow. Don’t believe people who say you need super-high-priced “health” food for your cats.<>*Where* you adopt is important. We went down the path with Kitten Rescue, but there we were dealing with the individual ‘foster mom,’ who was a wacked-out cat lady w/ 80 cats at home (as many of them are). She vetted us, made us spend $160 at Petco (special food, special climbing things, etc.) before saying yes– then changed her mind, causing many tears among the younger members of the household…We then went to the Lange Foundation in WLA, it was a breeze. …Feel free to come over and visit with Luke and Leia if you want. Bring a feather to destroy, they’ll love you.Oh, and while I’m taking up all your comment space giving advice… Buy a water pistol to back up the word “no.” (The first word any well-trained kitty should learn.)

  2. Clayton says :

    A little education about cats can go a long way…

  3. Gaffney says :

    Hmmm…. Now we have to build a proper art studio for our cat. -Sean

  4. Thany says :

    Is it better to get an adult cat (already litter trained!) or a kitten? I say go with the kitten, they are so much fun to see get into scrapes, discover the world around them and they keep you on your toes! They have waaay more energy but also bring a ton of joy. As for as the litter training, it isn’t as hard as some people make it out to be. You keep the kitten with a box of litter in your bathroom at night and when you are gone-they will practically train themselves. I have trained 3 cats successfully that way.One kitty or two (so they have a playmate)? If two, should they be siblings, or just friends? Two is so much fun AND if you are busy, they will have each other to play with. The sibling thing doesn’t matter but be sure to get a male and female-they get along better. Two males or two females will be fighting for Alpha Cat status. We adopted a stray cat a friend found and because she was way too young to be away from her mother, she had some weird non-cat quirks. We then went to the pound and got The Best Cat Ever (as he is fondly remembered) who was a year older and taught our little kitten how to clean herself and use the litter box. And often we’d come home and see the two of them curled up together and he would be cleaning the spots she missed. Favorite breed? (we do know we want a short haired breed) If you want the best cat ever, the cat who loves you, wants to snuggle with you and even “talks” to you, you want an “Orange cat” the Morris kind. They are most typically male and are sweet and wonderful. I have also discovered that Calicos have a sweet disposition and are still quite rambunctious. I am not a fan of Siamese-we had to put one down once because she attacked my brother in law. She was always a little whacked in the head.Preferred litter box materialYep, clumping and get it at Costco-use lots in the box and get one of those cool rolling boxes where you don’t even have to touch the litter to change it. It helps contains the smell too. Great food We always bought the Iams stuff when we could and always the Urinary Tract Health kind for our male (Rusty, The Best Cat Ever)Other important “you’ve GOT to know this if you have a kitty” type advice?Please adopt from a pound or humane society if you can…even a friend who had a littler of cats-don’t go to a breeder.Also, invest in those lint removers (they sell those at Costco too!) because even with a short hair cat, you will be finding hair everywhere. Have so much fun…cats are a ton of fun.

  5. karen says :

    Hey!So…I know I’ve already shared but…I’ll share again :)1. It’s nice to have them litter trained, but it doesn’t take that long for them to learn if they are kittens. And I say kitten because you can rear them how you want them…ie: more social, begging for treats:) 2.and you know I believe it “two is better than one”3. boy and girl or two boys I think4.we use arm and hammer scoopable. We like it. Every cat is different. I think the flushable kind is not good for toilets…I always wanted to try the ‘pearl’ kind…they effectively apparently absorbe the urine and that’s what smells the worst :p5. We alternate iams (which is a great over the counter – recommended by a vet) and stuff we get from the vet to help clean their teeth. Ours have never had canned food-always dry. It keeps their teeth cleaner and their breath doesn’t really smell.6. Get them used to the brush early, it cuts down on hairballs in them and on your couch! With Linus and Lucy I have to let them come to it and start rubbing up against it and then brush. Oh…and they can do tricks!! But you’ve seen my brilliant kitties in action! I can’t wait to meet your new family member!!

  6. Anonymous says :

    Awesome cat post. I see you live in burbank. Do you know of any burbank apartments that allow cats?

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