Grand Time in Atlanta

Back from Hotlanta, which was pretty cool most of the time. That’s a temperature statement, although Atlanta is rather happening.

The musical, DREAM ON! went very well. The kids did a great job. I saw a few weak spots in the script that I knew immediately how to correct. Worse thing in the world for a writer: sitting in a performance realizing their mistakes.

But the directing was solid, the choreography very nice, and, as I said, the kids rocked.

And something else I relearn every year: you can sweat all you want getting the music, lyrics and orchestration perfect, but once a six-year-old kid walks out in his Abraham Lincoln costume and starts to warble, whatever comes out is gold.

Oh, and I found a new Atlanta experience: dinner at Sal Grosso.

My hosts, David and Jennifer Schuchmann treated me to this Brazilian dining extravaganza. First there is the salad bar, which is impressive on its own. But the real fun begins when you get back to your table.

Each diner has a card, one side red, one side green. As long as the green side is up, a server comes to the table with a skewer of meat. They slice, you pile it on your plate, and a few moments later another server comes by with another type of meat. They had top sirloin, bottom roast, filet mignon, beef skewers, prime rib, pork chops, pork loin, sausages, chicken skewers, chicken breasts, swordfish, a couple varieties of lamb and many more whose names I didn’t catch as they piled through.

Whoa. I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing more decadently American as Brazilian style meat eating.

Just my thoughts,



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