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Anonymous said… (in response to “Worshipping Music” below)

That service was a little too show-off-y for me, actually, Sean. BB looked over at me when the worship leader came out and said, “Just ‘cuz you have a rock and roll haircut, doesn’t make you rock and roll.” As a worship leader myself, there’s always that tension between leading the people (risking calling attention to yourself), and just getting out of the way (which presumes that people automatically know to worship). It’s a tension, and one I still haven’t totally resolved myself.

Sean says:

I hear you. The trick, it seems to me, is to LEAD, which requires presence, without being the center of focus.

Where I think these folks may be going wrong is concentrating so much on what is happening on the stage — if their focus is COMPLETELY on the performance (and it HAS to be at least somewhat on the performance), how can the audience be expected to not also be completely focused on the performance? And if so, where is the space for them to be focused on G-d?

And apologies to those that think it is rude to not be constantly thanking the musicians, but if I am asked to leave the presence of G-d after every song so I can shower accolades on the people that led me to the throne, well — doesn’t that actually negate the hard work of the musicians in transporting me away from the corporal world?

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One response to “More On Leading”

  1. Alice Bass says :

    Agreed, SG: to Lead means that you are leading towards something. So you lead to God, prepare the way, make straight the path; and then allow people the room to follow (or not, as they choose.)

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