Having a Helena of a Good Time

I am still away from home; hence the spottiness of the blogging. (The spottiness of the blogging when I am home is for entirely different reasons.)

I am now hanging out in Montanta, where, as you all know, Ephraim Cochran will pilot the first rocket with a warp drive about sixty years from now.

I have efficiently used my time here to avoid writing. The writing avoidance techniques I have employed include:

-Attending my godson’s graduation party (Isaac heads for the Air Force Academy in a few weeks). Isaac was the valedictorian of his home school class. Good thing he didn’t have a twin.

-Watching my wife ride a horse with style and grace.

-Riding a horse myself, with style and grace. Dismount from said horse in mid lope, also with style and grace. Pick myself and my pride up from the dirt with style and grace. Style and grace laughed the whole time, which I thought was rather rude of them.

-Beating an eleven year old in ping pong (best 3 out of 5; it went to game 5).

-Being beat by an eleven year old in basketball.

-Being beat by an eleven year old in Labyrinth.

-Being beat by an eleven year old in air hockey.

-Being beat by an eleven year old in cards.

-Hiding from an eleven year old as he tries to find me for more game time.

-Taking a hike for several hours, staying the whole time either on my sister’s property or her neighbors.

-Pretending I’m deaf as an eleven year old tell his mother that he likes having Uncle Sean around, because he never comes close to winning when playing his older siblings in games.

-Visiting the small village mom and pop stores of the area, like Wal-Mart and Safeway.

-Telling an eleven year old that I can’t play Statego, I have to write.

-Finally doing some writing.

Montana is very beautiful.

Except for all the game playing.

Just my thoughts,


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