Tom and John’s America

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams didn’t like each other much. They disagreed on about everything political. They hurled some rather nasty criticisms at each other, especially while the other guy was president.

And yet the two of them got together and created a country that had room for both of them, and all of their opposing ideas.

A place with space for disagreement, a nation where patriotism wasn’t based on consensus, a land that actually encouraged variety.

And isn’t that among our greatest strengths? Our unity and diversity, in constant tension, in constant check and balance, in constantly united divergence.

And here we are, two hundred thirty years later, still living the experiment that the world thought couldn’t last.

And, as Garrison Keillor pointed out, it has worked so well that, try as we might, we can’t keep millions of folk from sneaking across the border for a piece of the multi-flavored pie.

And, as Garrison also reminded us, this is the land that God has truly blessed.

May He continue to bless this great nation; and may keep trying to live up to the blessing.

Just my thoughts,



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