Would J Do That?

My friend Bryan was preaching at his church Sunday, so I thought I would go take a listen-see.

He did a great job, making some really thought provoking points.

He pointed out the problem with the over-simplified “WWJD” movement: few of us really know Jesus well enough to know what he would do. So instead we got a bunch of well-intentioned folk acting nice, but not necessarily Jesus-like.

He also questioned why so many people have such bad misconceptions about who Jesus really is. (Appropos to my post from Monday.) This was followed by a short film, depicting Jesus in several modern-day contexts:

-Taking a nature hike, and casually tossing his empty water bottle on the ground
-Playing basketball, taunting, and throwing a tantrum when a call doesn’t go his way
-Leaving pennies as a tip after eating in a restaurant (with the waitress giving the classic line, “Jesus – what a cheapskate.”)
-On the highway, yelling and giving the finger to someone who cut him off.

And more that I can’t remember.

Bryan followed this up with the point that so many people don’t have a true picture of who Jesus is because those of us that call ourselves “Christ”-ians aren’t doing a very good job of representing him.

Good point.

Just my thoughts,



2 responses to “Would J Do That?”

  1. Nathan says :

    Maybe, but Belknap is a drunken, blithering idiot most of the time, so what does HE know?I’ve actually heard of that short film before. Maybe he was telling me about it.I hear Ecclessia is the new Bel-Air. True?

  2. Alice Bass says :

    Been on vacation and missed the Gaffney Journal! I’m so reformed in my theology that I can’t handle the WWJD concept! I CAN’T do what Jesus would do, that’s why Jesus has to do it in and through me. My bracelet would have to say ‘WWJDoing?” What is He doing right now? Then I pray that He’ll make me follow Him. I’m probably a candidate for a robe wearing cult, but… those are just my thoughts (ps, love that tag line.)

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