Early Verdict: Prison Break

(Warning: Due to its dealing with violence and violent offenders, this show isn’t for everyone.)

One liner: Fox drama about a man framed for murder, and the brother that risks everything to save him from the chair.

Beyond the spin: The show enters its sophomore year with us all wondering – “Can a prison break show still work without the prison?”

Truth be told: Without a doubt.

These guys continue to amaze me. I thought for sure that they would break their promise and find a way to keep the guys behind bars for another season or two. But they did indeed break out at the end of last season; and, man, the tension has not stopped.

The skinny: This show gets its on-the-edge-of-your-seat thrills honestly; the story telling is simple (although the story is complex – Wilder would have loved this show). The conspiracy angle is mysterious, and yet not so overwrought as to lose one’s will to bother.

And the show has heart galore.

Name another show that has the audience rooting for the convicts to get away, all the while praying that they get caught?

A show that has you cheer as the hero succeed in getting what they want, but makes your soul ponder whether it was really worth the cost? (Dr. Sara – my heart aches for you.)

A show that has a scene where nothing happens but a man getting into a car and calling OnStar for directions – and yet still be chilling? (C.S. Lewis says “Whatever in a work of art is not used, is doing harm.” No harm being done by this show’s writers.)

If you’ve missed the first few shows, head over to Fox’s webpage – they let you watch them online for free.

Just my thoughts,



4 responses to “Early Verdict: Prison Break”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Hey-hey,This has nothing to do with the TV show (I don’t think) but I thought you might find this site/ group enjoyable if you didn’t already know about them:http://www.improveverywhere.com/~Ben

  2. Linds says :

    Oh, they’re the best. I’ve heard the guy on This American Life several times. How I wish I was in New York!

  3. janet says :

    Sean–Where is that C.S. Lewis quote from?

  4. Gaffney says :

    Janet,It is quoted in Damon Knight’s book Creating Short Fiction. He doesn’t say where Lewis originally wrote (or spoke) the quote.Anybody out there know?-Sean

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