Signs of the Times

So I’m scooting along in traffic on the 101 and I see a truck with an interesting slogan.

The truck belongs to a school uniform company and it has these words in bold print on its trailer:



“Faith Based.”

Now, my first question is “How can clothing be faith based?”

(Or is the company “faith based?” And if so, does that mean the company is affordable too? Maybe it’s for sale. Don’t know.)

But (probably because, as mentioned earlier, I was STUCK in traffic and had nothing else to occupy my mind) I went one step further.

Assuming they are talking about their product, and the clothing is “faith based” – then I think they need to follow that theme all the way through the rest of their advertising.

Therefore “durable” really should be “eternal”. Don’t ‘cha think?

And “affordable” is “bought with a price”.

I mean, really! If we’re going to use our belief system to help sell our product, let’s at least be true to the theology.

Just my twisted thoughts,



5 responses to “Signs of the Times”

  1. Jennifer says :

    Funny! And true. Cath you should post more often.

  2. Linds says :

    Indeed. More posts from Cath! If I can’t walk with you in the mornings, at least I can read your thoughts online. 🙂

  3. DanBuck says :

    I haven’t met the kinder, gentler Gaffney, but I like her already.

  4. Alice Bass says :

    Hooray for the blog of Cath! An excellent blog & observation.

  5. Sarah says :

    Twisted thoughts from one of my favorite sister-in-laws… you keep us coming back for more.

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