Killer Reads

I’m a fan of the mystery – I’m talking about murder mysteries, although I am a fan of all kinds of mysteries – including the metaphysical kind.

But here I’m talking about books – diversions into whodunits and howdunits. For me, the book has to have compelling characters, wit, and an honest mystery. None of this, “Hey, it was done by a guy we never met in a manner that was proven impossible in chapter two” crappola.

I was recently introduced to a murder mystery series (I like books in series – if the characters win me over, I want to spend time with them) that has met my criteria.

While in Hawaii (no, I am not done bragging that I got to go to Hawaii), I needed a good beach read. The local Borders Express had one of Sheryl Anderson’s books, and as Sheryl is a friend of mine, I thought I would share a bit of Hawaii with her work.

The store was sold out of the first one in the series, as well as the newest one (Killer Deal), so I settled for number two, Killer Cocktail.

Witty, engaging characters, a true mystery, and enough action to keep the pages turning.

My only complaint (and it is very minor) is that the book was written for the female reader in mind (advertised as “sure to please Sex and the City fans”).

Not that I, sitting here in my home-fitted Hanes logo-embossed t-shirt and checkered TJ Max original pajama pants, finishing off my ensemble with matching Sears and Roebuck tube socks, would question a book written for the feminine mind, but, really now. Do I need to know where every piece of clothing worn by every woman in the book came from?

Maybe I’m getting testy because this is the second Chic-lit-esque book I’ve read this year, or maybe because I hear “Louis Vuitton” and can only think, “Didn’t he lose his head in the French Revolution?”

But to be fair, Sheryl has assured me that her heroine, Molly Forrester, is no longer so fashion focused, and the third book (as well as the fourth, now in progress) will not subject the reader to so much Cosmo talk – unless it’s the kind of Cosmopolitan that comes in a glass.

Check out the Molly Forrester series; you will be glad you did.

Just my thoughts,



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