More TV talk – from Cath

Okay – I’m not the story expert in the family – but I do watch TV and am interested in what works and what doesn’t and why.

So…these aren’t the final authoritative statements about these shows – but they are early opinions.

UGLY BETTY – I was excited about this show. But found myself disappointed. Why? Well, while I really enjoyed America Ferrera’s character, and appreciated that the writers didn’t fall into the trap of the “ugly duckling” stereotype, I felt that everyone else in the show was a total caricature. When the show is about seeing worth in things that we are unfairly labeling (the “don’t judge a book by its cover” idea) – why on earth would you make the other characters so obvious and unreal? Makes no sense to me. A shame.

BROTHERS AND SISTERS – I knew nothing about this show before watching. I watched it right after “Ugly Betty” (Oh, the joys of TiVo.). While some characters could be stereotyped (Calista Flockhart’s character is a conservative radio host) – it was more about subtle layers – about being real, despite what people think is going on. And I was actually blown away by the acting in a scene with Sally Field and Calista. Wow!

Feel free to share your thoughts if you’ve seen the shows. (I’m not interested in arguing any points – but an open electronic discussion could be fun.)

Just Cath’s thoughts…


One response to “More TV talk – from Cath”

  1. Danny says :

    Hey Cath,I saw the Pilot of Ugly Betty, and the second episode of Brothers and Sisters. I felt the same way as you about Betty. America was great, but the rest of the Characters had no depth to them. Hopefully this will change as the season moves foward.I liked Brothers and Sisters too. It’s fun to see Sally Field again, and great to see some of the cast from Alias get to be in a good show finally. Have you been watching Studio 60. I love it, but I’m afraid it won’t last. Doesn’t seem to have the hooks that West Wing did. I pretty much love anything Sorkin writes, but so far Studio 60 doesn’t have quite the edge I’m used to from him.Also looking forward to Lost and Battlestar Galactica! Whoo Hoo!!!

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