Sleepless in Atlanta

Not getting much sleep here in Atlanta. After full days and evenings of script readings and think tanks, there has been “unofficial” late night screenings of movies that other symposium attendees are involved with.

Friday night was Sensation of Sight, a gorgeous film by Aaron Wiederspahn, produced by Buzz McLaughlin. The film is deeply moving, a collage of seemingly disparate yet connected stories of those trying to make sense out of life’s seeming senselessness.

This is one of those films that you watch the first time for the story – and yearn to watch again to dig more into the visual metaphors and poetry.

Aaron’s flick is helped out by a truly astounding and understated performance by David Strathairn, as well as a surprising deep and emotional turn by Ian Somerhalder.

Last night was a choice between two films. The more serious Trade (starring Kevin Kline) is a multi-language look on the sex-slave trade in the Americas. Devastating and appropriately harsh, the movie speaks to an important issue with a compelling and driving story.

I was able to see a special preview of Trade in L.A., so this go around I opted for the somewhat less intense option, The Proper Care and Feeding of an American Messiah. This mockumentary from Chris Hansen is a hilarious look at a fella that believes he is a messiah.

Not the messiah, just a messiah. For this region.

The dvd we were watching glitched up ¾ of the way through the viewing, so I’m not quite sure how this one wraps up. We shall have to wait for a full review.

But the important thing is this: I haven’t slept. Too much art going on.

Gotta get me some less compelling art.

In fact, I’m sunk into a couch watching Sunday Night football as I type this. Ah, less compelling art.

Just my thoughts,



3 responses to “Sleepless in Atlanta”

  1. Chris Hansen says :

    Hey Sean — email me your mailing address so I can get you a working DVD and you can finish watching it!Great hanging out with you this long weekend. Have fun working on the musical!

  2. DanBuck says :

    By the way, I think you mean for “his region” not for “this reason” in the seventh paragraph.

  3. Gaffney says :

    Hmmm… makes you wonder what I typed that spell check corrected to: “This reason.”Thanks Dan.-Sean

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