Happy Birthday Sean!

My favorite guy…

(Snorkeling off Maui in August. Way too much fun!)


5 responses to “Happy Birthday Sean!”

  1. Jennifer says :

    Urghh! I actually had a present sitting on my desk to give to you before you left and I didn’t even notice it again until I read this. (Okay no comments about my desk.)Guess you’ll just have to check your mailbox next week. Sorry.Happy Birthday! (And great picture by the way)~J-Sho

  2. Anonymous says :

    Birthday greetings to you! Glad you had such a great vacation this summer. Sarah and Elena

  3. Anonymous says :

    Happy Birthday!!! (Although I stand by my thought that your birthday is really tomorrow and you’re just looking for some extra attention.)Never-the-less… Happy Birthday!!! xoxoJillzie

  4. mgaff says :

    Happy Birthday!!

  5. Gaffney says :

    Thanks, all! I had some fun on my birthday, partying with WB pals, watching a movie where things blow up, and having dessert at the Cheesecake Factory. (Who knew they had desserts?)-Sean

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