I’d Like an Order of Chaos with a Side of Tyranny, Please

I’ve been working with a couple of organizations lately that have made me think of this quote from Bob Briner and Ray Pritchard’s The Leadership Lessons of Jesus:

“Contrary to popular opinion, order does not stifle creativity, but promotes it. It does not restrict freedom, but enhances it for the greatest number. Disorder is a kind of tyranny in which good things seldom happen. When disorder reigns, people suffer in many ways.

“There is a vast difference between order and regimentation. Jesus didn’t tell the five thousand to sit down in groups, organized alphabetically by last name, to count off, and remain silent until addressed. Instead, he created order that was not ominous and restrictive, but pleasant and liberating.

“Regimentation stifles creativity, and restricts freedom, but order creates an environment where freedom and creativity flourish.”

Order but not regimentation. A fine balance – yet having worked recently as an artist for hire in both disorder and regimentation, I have to say that Bob and Ray are on to something.

Just my thoughts,



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