On Your Mark

Taproot Theatre up in Seattle is showcasing a regional premiere of a playwright that I am particularly fond of: Mark St. Germain.

THE GOD COMMITTEE sounds fascinating; the setup: Four patients, one heart — and a hospital that decides who lives and who dies.

Mark is not stranger to tough issues, having written plays such as FORGIVING TYPHOID MARY that wrestles not only with medical ethics, but the nature of forgiveness and redemption. Heady stuff.

Mark collaborated on two of my favorite musicals with composer Randy Courts — ones that you may not know about because the topics aren’t big sellers. JOHNNY PYE chronicles the Benet legend of a kid that spends his life literally trying to outwit Death.

And my favorite take on the nativity story of all time: JOSEPH AND MARY. Told as a love story with a subplot of the angel Gabriel — convinced that G-d is wasting his time on humanity.

When I get my billion dollars (see below), you will see the national tour of this incredible musical.

In the meantime, fly up to Seattle and check out THE GOD COMMITTEE.

Just my thoughts,



One response to “On Your Mark”

  1. Jennifer says :

    Theatrical Outfit, Tom Key’s theater did God Committee here in Atlanta. I expected that it would be as interesting and thought provoking as it sounds.Unfortunately, though the topic was ripe there wasn’t enough fruit to entice the audience to bite.Just my thoughts.

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