Somewhat Super

I’m not much for those “who are you” quizzes, but the geek inside couldn’t stay away from

It ranks the percentage similar to various superheroes.

The closest for me is 60%; those around me taking the quiz are up in the high 80 and 90%. Maybe I’m not a superhero…

But if I was, here’s the breakdown:

60% Superman, tied with 60% Spiderman. I think it might be confusing the two with a whole lot of Clark and Petey.

Robin is close with a 58% likeness. Question for those that know me: Dick Grayson or Tim Drake? (No Jason Todd, please, as I have low enough self esteem as it is).

I am 38% akin to Supergirl, and both Wonder Woman and Catwoman make my numbers. So I guess I’m in touch with my feminine side.

Not sure I know anything more about myself than before the quiz.

Except that my feminine side can really kick some butt.

Just my thoughts,


3 responses to “Somewhat Super”

  1. janet says :

    Something is seriously wrong here. I came out 65% The Hulk (and 60% Superman). Hmmm. I better not get angry, I guess.

  2. Agent J says :

    Superman 85% Green Lantern 85% Spider-Man 75% Batman 65% The Flash 65% Robin 54% Hulk 50% Catwoman 50% Supergirl 47% Wonder Woman 42% Iron Man 40% What, no Daredevil?? $20 if you can get Coley to take this.

  3. Anonymous says :

    i was 80% Flash…and that might not be a good thing.-will

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