Ultimate Opens

My friend, Cheryl McKay, wrote a movie that is opening this weekend — THE ULTIMATE GIFT.

The movie stars James Garner and Abigail Breslin (of LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE fame), Brian Dennehy, and a bunch more. It also won the Crystal Heart at The Heartland Film Festival.

I haven’t seen it yet, but I know that Cheryl is a wonderful writer. How good of a writer?

THE ULTIMATE GIFT is based on a best selling book. Cheryl was about the fifth writer hired to try and adapt the thing (typcial for Hollywood). Here’s a secret for you non-writer types: a good adaptation requires change — since it is being translated into a media with a completely different set of strengths.

Oh, and a good adaptation has to stay true to the heart of the original.

Cheryl was the first writer to come up with that winning combination — different, yet true.

So, back to my question — how good of a writer?

A novelist (Rene Gutteridge) has been hired to write a novelization of the movie. Yeah, Cheryl did her job so well, that there will now be two THE ULTIMATE GIFT novels — the original, and the one based on Cheryl’s work.

You can see the flick this weekend, AND support my favorite writing class: Act One Writing for Hollywood by buying your tickets online.

Go to: http://www.foxfilmfund.com/
Choose The Ultimate Gift and enter your zip code.
If you find a theater in your area, proceed to GET TICKETS NOW.
It will direct you to Fox Faith’s section of Fandago.
Upon check out, you can enter the Act One code: 500231

To view the trailer – go here.

And enjoy the show.

Just my thoughts,



3 responses to “Ultimate Opens”

  1. aliceb says :

    Wasn’t Rene Gutteridge a friend of Rachel Hoyer & didn’t we publish her in DRM? Or was Rene a friend of yours? Is the world freaky small or what? And doesn’t that make you, like the King of all Christian media or something? ab

  2. Gaffney says :

    Not King so much as Kevin Bacon…

  3. aliceb says :

    nicely said.

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