Darrow Doubts

Ever since I was seven, I wanted to be a lawyer.

I was pretty geeky about it. One of my favorite books to read was READER’S DIGEST: YOU AND THE LAW.

I would memorize terms from it. Probably the only second grader to know that you don’t have to say “Excuse me” after a tort.

I would also study famous court cases, and the speeches of such folks as Clarence Darrow (infamous of the Scopes Monkey Trial, among others).

Oh, it was Clarence’s birthday last week, which is what put me in mind of him.

So, Darrow’s quote of the day:

“Just think of the tragedy of teaching children not to doubt.”

I figure he’s right — a superficially held belief makes for a weak faith; a storm tested idea makes for a blessed assurance.

The more my faith matures, the more I realize that faith can’t deepen without questions, challenges, and doubts.

That’s another thing that faith and science have in common.

Just my thoughts,



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