Galactica Catch Up Time

Sci-fi channel is hosting a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA marathon – you can see pretty much the entire last season in three days starting Wednesday – tomorrow.

Reasons that you should care:

1) In spite of what you may think of sci-fi, BG is one of the best shows on television – writing, acting, directing, production.

2) BG is perhaps the most relevant show on television in terms of addressing post 9/11 culture.

3) BG is challengingly even-handed in addressing our world and culture – giving you opportunity to stretch your thinking as well as be entertained.

4) BG doesn’t shy away from deep and dangerous – deep and dangerous thoughts, emotions, psychology, etc.

For example, in one episode this season, a character makes an argument for one aspect of the Gospel. Not the mamby-pamby feel-good Gospel of American marketers, but the this-is-different-than-the-world, in-your-face Good News of Jesus and Paul.

And the argument was given in such a way, under such circumstances, and with such Truth that I fully understood why a guy would get stoned or beaten or beheaded or crucified for talking such talk.

In fact, I wasn’t so sure that I wouldn’t have been the first one to toss a stone at the guy. Fortunately, I live on the mythical Earth and not in exodus, so I didn’t have to act on my choices…

5) BG is on-the-edge-of-your-seat entertaining.

Let me give you a clue as to how exciting: in the finale, someone will say something that changes everything. EVERYTHING. One of those “you did not just say that” things. The ba-da-dum!! type thing. The thing that any other show would fade to black on, putting up the “to be continued” sign.

But there is no fade after “the thing” is said; rather, the writers tease us by showing how those impacted by the news choose to live their lives – despite Everything changing, we see who these characters really are.

Which, trust me, is even more shocking and wonderful than “the thing.”

Oh, and then later, someone pops up and says something else that changes everything, and we fade to black and the “to be continued” sign pops up.

So, if you like having your cake and eating it too; if you like stories that challenge in a good way, if you like your sci-fi to rock your entertainment world, catch up with Battlestar Galactica – so I can finally talk to you about that amazing last episode!!!

Just my thoughts,


PS The Sci-fi Channel HEROES marathon starts on Saturday!


5 responses to “Galactica Catch Up Time”

  1. DanBuck says :

    Love the show, but I think the discovery by the four people…is a red herring.Did you hear this is the last season?

  2. Gaffney says :

    I have not heard that, and have been unable to substantiate. I know they won’t have a new ep until 2008… Grrr…

  3. Jared says :

    Best. Show. Ever. EJ Olmos mentioned that it’d be the last season at the Saturn awards, but the producers have since come back and said that was false. I know Ron Moore is hoping for 2 more and ending it. There is a great podcast on the main site where Moore and his wife attend a viewing party of the finale and talk a lot about the episode and the future of the series.

  4. Linds says :

    I haven’t been this excited about a show since… well, I can’t remember. Maybe season 1 of 24 before it took the nosedive. Between Battlestar and Heroes, I’m a big fan of tv again. And I’m happy to talk about that last episode anytime!

  5. Cory Edwards says :

    If you need something interesting to tide you over until 2008, watch some of the ORIGINAL series (L.A. folks, Tivo seems to be grabbing it from the ION network).This does nothing for your appreciation of the new series, except make you think humans’ brains worked much more simply then. At least in the sci-fi department… of the brain…And it’s good for a laugh when you see the original characters as ancestors to their namesakes in NAME only: Starbuck is Face Man, Baltar wins the Overactor of the Year award, and Tigh is a black man. Oh yeah, and they always see fit to bring a TEN YEAR OLD KID and his cute dog robot on life-threatening missions. And everyone is SO sane and comforatable as they live on the run for the rest of their lives. I only love it for grooviness’ sake. But yes, it makes me run right back to reruns of the new series.

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