Crazy Kroc Memorial

We visited the Crazy Horse Memorial, shortly after visiting Mount Rushmore. Both, as you know, are mountainsides turned into gi-normous sculptures of American heroes.

At Crazy Horse, tucked in among other statues by artist Ziolkowski, was a bust of Ray Kroc, apparently a friend of the sculptor.

My niece saw Ray’s visage, and wanted to know who that guy was. We informed her that he founded McDonalds.

Her face scrunched up as she asked, “You mean they almost put him on the mountain?”

We laughed at the notion, realizing how inappropriate it would be to put him up there, flanked by 100-foot arches.

But then again, such crass commercialism is oddly appropriate, given much of the focus of this “fast food nation.”

Makes me wonder what other inappropriately appropriate people we should carve into our mountains.

Ideas, anyone?

Just my thoughts,



2 responses to “Crazy Kroc Memorial”

  1. DanBuck says :

    Angelina Jolie would be an impressive bust.Er…

  2. Anonymous says :

    No contest – Simon Cowell. (Although, being a Brit, perhaps he doesn’t qualify?) Maybe we could just carve Randy, Paula, and Simon together…holding cans of Coke.Lauri

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