The Lot Life

The first week on the new job, and already some highlights:

-Handled some RIN TIN TIN scripts from the 20’s; silent movie time, people. One script had pencil notes on story by Darryl Zanuck. This successful dog hero series made a name for Zanuck, and propelled the studio into the public eye. Nice.

-Archived a script for a flick starring Eddie Foy. For Bob Hope fans, that’s the gent Hope portrayed in THE SEVEN LITTLE FOYS. Ah, history. I love the stuff.

-My studio acquired the rights to distribute the PEANUTS franchise.

A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS, the first Peanuts special, aired the year I was born. Growing up, I thought I was Charlie Brown, complete with an inability to do well in sports and a crush on a little red-haired girl.

And now Chuck and are starting work at the same company in the same week.

Life is good.

I’m off to fly a kite now…

Just my thoughts,



3 responses to “The Lot Life”

  1. Matt Singley says :

    The Charlie Brown Christmas is the BEST!

  2. Linds says :

    The film geek inside me is tingling with envy. What a cool job!

  3. Emily says :

    what exactly IS your job, btw? can i come visit you sometime? and if you ever hear of an opening in the department, building, etc… let me know! 🙂

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