Six Million Dollars Doesn’t Buy As Much As It Used To


Really looked forward to this: good ComicCon buzz, from the makers of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, a fan of the original (yes, I had a major crush on Jamie Sommers – what’s it to you?).

And the pilot was a load of fun, from the opening sequence revealing the first Bionic broad gone bad through the bionic babe brawl. A solid opening, as long as one doesn’t think too much about it.

And too many others made me think about it.

What I really liked about the pilot? Katee Sackhoff, on loan from Battlestar to play the rogue six million dollar girl. Every scene she was in was electric.

Michelle Ryan, the lead of the show was just fine. But not electric.

Her whiny boyfriend was just plain irritating, to be honest.

Miguel Ferrer in the “Oscar” role, very nice bit of casting – makes up for the whiny boyfriend.

So on balance, the pilot is a wash.

Episode two was better. Opens with the funeral of whiny boyfriend – plus one.

Whiny boyfriend replaced by charismatic Isaiah Washington. Plus two.

Whiny boyfriend also replaced by whiny little sister, with a storyline that makes no sense, pops up only when convenient for the plot, and will always be wrapped up by the tag without any effort. (In the original pilot, sis was deaf. Now that could have been interesting…)

This episode jumped straight from “I’m moving out ‘cuz I hate you so much!” to “Golly gee, I just love having you as a sister” with no steps in between. Not even a pretense at making up.

Gotta give a negative two for that.

Show’s still a wash.

Nostalgia and BSG loyalty tips the scale (in the ghost town they visit, the television is tuned to a BSG episode — thanks for the reminder), but this is one that has to earn a little more cred before becoming a Tivo season pass.

On a scale from Universal Soldier 2 to Terminator 2, this cyborg show rates smack dab in the middle.

Just my thoughts,



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