Rose Bambi Rewrites

Things are slow at work. The agencies are closed; most execs are off on holiday; and the only real work is cleaning up the year about to be past and setting up for the year about to be present.

A few things have made my day merrier.

My sister sent a short video of my nephews opening (and enjoying – whew!) the Christmas present Cath and I sent them. What a great way to say thank you!

Now I am waiting for brother Mark to send the video of him opening the macramé fruit-cake I combo knit/baked for him. I bet he was surprised!

And while here at work, I got a chuckle archiving a recent project.

Once a movie is in production, the rewrites are labeled by color – and actually printed on paper matching that color – to avoid confusion on set. You know you are looking at the wrong script if you are holding white pages and everyone else is holding pink pages.

The colors cycle through a standard order: white, blue, pink, yellow, etc.

The folks on this particular project got a little more creative, and broke from tradition with more colorful colors.

Some of my favorites:

Pumpkin Martini. Midori Sour. Purple Chicken.

And, of course, Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Now that was a good day for rewrites!

Just my thoughts,



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