Quit Clowning Around

Dimitri Martin, comic and occasional DAILY SHOW correspondent, has a bit where he draws a flowchart of clowns.

His conclusions:

Circus – annoying.
Birthday – sad.
Just around – creepy.
Injured – always funny.

We laugh because it is true.

As a new study has shown: despite our firm belief that we know what kids like, turns out they generally don’t like clowns.

Go figure.

I imagine specific clowns do better, you know, clowns that we already have a relationship with.

Like Ronald McDonald.

So, clowns with French Fries, okay.

Clowns just around – as Dimitri says, creepy.

Just my thoughts,



2 responses to “Quit Clowning Around”

  1. SaribugsG says :

    Elena did this panic attack in the face thing until I told her that the clowns on Dumbo are just being silly… Don’t even ask how she reacted to the one painting faces at the Christmas party. A few frames of “Stephen King’s It” when I was younger was enough for me to be completely freaked out by them, fries or not!!

  2. Omar P. says :

    Ever hear the Randy Stonehill song, “Baby Hates Clowns?” Maybe he was on to something . . .

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