Book Learnin’

I have been tagged for a Meme by Barbara.

I am too technologically maladroit to know what Meme is, but I can guess. And as Barbara says, it’s an easy one, so I’m going to play along.

But before I do, you might want to take a visit to Barbara’s blog – and while there check out her entries on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA from Sunday the 20th and Monday the 21st.

Note as you read, Barbara is somewhat of an anti-fan of sci-fi; so for her to discover BG and like it is… well, no surprise; she’s a pretty bright woman.

Okay, on to the Meme: Book Meme Rules

1. Pick up the nearest book ( of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

I lucked out on the first one.

I got the notice while at work; and since I am in the midst of a book archiving project, I have all kinds of titles from the ‘70’s surrounding me that could have reflected, shall we say, “oddly” on me.

In my line of sight:

THE GLOW: About a couple that become supernaturally addicted to jogging.

BLUE MOVIE: Which asks, “Can the world’s greatest director make the world’s raunchiest film?”

And DOLOROSA DEAL, about an African secret agent in Jerusalem labeled as “a wild black card sitting on a mid-East powder keg!”

But instead I get to look smart: not only was I reading Barbara’s blog while at my desk, I was also prepping for book club. (Sshh, don’t tell anyone…)

So the closest book to me: James Joyce’s ULYSSES.

You know, beach reading for the brainy.

Page 123, fifth sentence onward:


J.J. O’Molloy sent a weary sidelong glance towards the statue and held his peace.

-I see, the professor said.”


And now I spread the challenge: here you go, Jennifer, Jeff, Jeff, Janet and anyone else that would like to play.

Just my thoughts,



3 responses to “Book Learnin’”

  1. Anonymous says :

    1.”The World and the Flesh have failed us; a third Power remains.” 2.”And success of this third kind is the most glorious of all.” 3.”A spoiled saint, a pharisee, an inquisitor, or a magician, makes better sport in Hell than a mere common tyrant or debauchee.”C.S. Lewis THE SCREWTAPE LETTERSAs far as five people…Not sure who reads this but I’d say my best bets would be Sarah, Cath, Mary, Mom, Dad. (Is using Family cheeting) Have a great day.-Luke G

  2. Gaffney says :

    Nice book, Luke. I’d be curious to see how reading that book is different in current stage of life then when you read it first (in high school, right?)Stay well, brother.-Sean

  3. Janet says :

    I’ll play, I’ll play!I’ve posted my response here.(A sneaky way to boost readership of my own blog!)Thanks, Sean.–Janet

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