Just My… Hey, Get Out of My Thoughts!

On Facebook, there is this application where you can find out your superpower, and then use it to attack other people.

My nephew Grant is attacking me all the time; he has mind reading ability. So I keep getting e-mails saying that he has read my mind and learned all my secrets. Of course, I attack back.

My power is also mind reading, so when he reads my mind, I just turn right around and read his.

Which got me to thinking, if I’m reading his mind after he’s read my mind, pretty much all I should be getting is him thinking my thoughts, right?

So now I know all of my secrets! (Apparently my secrets are pretty boring.)

Hold on, if he’s reading my thoughts, and I put my thoughts into my blog, isn’t he really just reading my blog?

Is “blog reading ability” really a superpower?

You ever read that comic with Superman, where he’s trapped by Luthor, and Luthor says:

Luthor: You can’t ever escape my super kryptonite killing machine! All your super-strength is gone!

Superman smirks.

Luthor: Why are you smiling?

Superman: You seem to have forgotten my other power. I can read blogs!

Luthor: Drat! Foiled again!

Okay, maybe not.

I think I need a more offensive defense against my mind being read.

Here’s my plan: when Grant is in the middle of a Bible History class, and the professor calls on him to explain why the list of Nehemiah’s buddies that worked on the wall included some chick named Bunni twice, and then…

…I’ll think the dirtiest thoughts I can come up with. And Grant, being telepathically linked to me, will blush, and blush, and blush…

Now I just need a dirty thought. Anyone know the one about the Rabbi and the Farmer’s daughter?

Just my very readable thoughts,



One response to “Just My… Hey, Get Out of My Thoughts!”

  1. DAN BUCK says :

    The ULTIMATE defense would be to stop thinking. If you need help doing that… watch Two and a Half Men.

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