Saltpeter, John (Pins, Abigail!)

I’ve got to block out some time to watch this miniseries — JOHN ADAMS on HBO.

Several people have already told me how great it is; and my friend Amy is one of the producers on it.

Cynopsis gave a review — and cynopsis doesn’t review:

“IMHO: While there is much on television I enjoy watching and am entertained by, there is only a handful of programs/specials/miniseries that can truly be considered great television – Roots, War and Remembrance, Shogun, Planet Earth and I know there are others you’ll add to your list. Add also the newest miniseries seen on television – HBO Films and Playtone’s John Adams. One of the most compelling and riveting programs ever brought to television, and if we’re fortunate, HBO Films and Playtone will continue with others from the David McCullough series. But that’s just my opinion. “

Already have it on Tivo, now have to find time to view…

Just my thoughts,



2 responses to “Saltpeter, John (Pins, Abigail!)”

  1. Zipsss says :

    what they min by “pins”? According to the book they came in a “bundle of pins” contain 6.000 pieces.

  2. Zipsss says :

    I meant “mean”.

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