Vote Early, and Vote Twice!

For today, I’m going political and telling you which candidate I support.

Not in the presidential election, but a local one. Usually I don’t care about local elections — my votes for school board or local judge is usually decided by a coin toss. But not this one.

For any of you that reside in Gotham, vote Dent for District Attorney.

I was excited to hear that Harvey Dent was running — he is tough on crime, and isn’t willing to cow-tow to all the two-faced politicians that currently run the city.

I feel pretty confident that the city would be safer with Harvey running things.

It couldn’t hurt, right?

Just my thoughts,


One response to “Vote Early, and Vote Twice!”

  1. Nathan says :

    Think he’ll finally take down crime boss Sal Maroni? He’s been going after that guy for years.

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