Morale Boosters

Some inspired silliness to get you through the weekend.

One of our readers was at his child’s school for a pirate themed event. They sported a t-shirt with a picture of a pirate, and the words, “The beatings will continue until school morale improves!”

From Jeff Overstreet’s blog, the final, redemptive scene from the original STAR WARS saga. Not quite how I remember it, but…

Also from Jeff, a take on the PC/Mac commercials, using Marvel/DC comics. Said to say, a little too true…

From Brian Davidson, who warns: “Don’t watch this drunk,” and “If you like graffiti, this takes it to a whole new level. And if you don’t, you may not survive it…” Graffiti animation – I gotta wonder how long this took, and all in public spaces! Warning — it is freaky.

And below, a repeat — but a timely portrait of a now popular superhero, courtesy of Bryan Ballinger.

Just my thoughts,



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