Hero Without a Gun

Cath and I stumbled on this incredible documentary (thanks, Shon!): THE CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR.
Desmond Doss is a man of contradictions — he enlisted in WW II, insisted on serving on the battlefield, yet refused to carry a gun.
He vowed to never take a human life, yet saw more action than most others, being a key player in the harshest battle of the war.

Quite possibly the only soldier in American history who was threatened with a court martial and went on to earn the Medal of Honor.
Certainly the only conscientious objector to ever win that award.
Decorated war hero and pacifist — a living example of the difficult, seemingly impossible third way of Christ.
My small group watched this documentary, sat stunned for a while over the power of the story, and then started debating.
How could a tale this powerful have gone so long without becoming a major motion picture?
The most logical conclusion we could come to: it is too fantastical to be believed as a work of fiction.
I hope you get a chance to see it. Let me know when you do!
Just my thoughts,

3 responses to “Hero Without a Gun”

  1. David Goulet says :

    Someone should get the movie rights for this…know any budding producers…huh, do ya?

  2. Gaffney says :

    Actually, one of my small group members who watched the film with me has done work with a certain fella known for his WW2 movies and mini-series, and is going to present the Doss story to him. Could be exactly the right guy to get this story told right…

  3. David Goulet says :

    Good to hear! I’m hoping an Act One alum will be given a shot at the script. It’s our milieu.

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