Fraggle Hope

Given my push lately for THE WATCHMEN, which is a cynical pleasure at best, I enjoyed seeing Cory’s call for a little optimism.

Check out Cory’s blog for a comparison of Fraggles and Star Trek.

I also have to say that my optimism gland got a little artificial push by Vicki foisting a little bit of the truly fun/awful THE PIRATE MOVIE on her “friends” this weekend.

“Give me a happy ending, every time!” And now, sadly, I know the hand movements that go with that.

Please understand, Vicki knows this is a bad movie, but still loves it. I suppose we all need a little bit o’ that “yeah, I know, but still…” in our lives.

Buckaroo Banzai, anyone?

Just my thoughts,



4 responses to “Fraggle Hope”

  1. Janet says :

    I *Love* BUCKAROO BANZAI!… Wait… you’re not saying it’s a bad movie, are you?

  2. Gaffney says :

    I am not saying Buckaroo is a bad movie — just a cheesy pleasure! And one that deserves multiple viewings. No matter what the critics say…

  3. Cory says :

    One Buckaroo Banzai screening coming up. Bring your spurs.

  4. Omar Poppenlander says :

    Buckaroo Banzai is genius. But you have to be a geek to enjoy all of the campy pleasures it has to offer. Many of my non-geeky friends just don’t get it.

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