Super Thanks

At my lot’s cafeteria, there is a tradition every Thursday: they have a special on a turkey dinner, typically with stuffing, mashed potatoes, veggies and cranberry sauce.

Yes, it is Thanksgiving every Thursday on my lot.

I like that tradition; it brings comfort, all that comfort food.

So I thought I would try that for my blog – every Thursday (or so) it will be Thanksgiving. Let’s see if I can come up with things to be thankful for 52 weeks in a row.

I’m going to start with a thousand words. Here is my godson, up up and awaying in his Superman pj’s.

I know which side of the godfamily he takes after.

Thank you Lord for Eliott – bless him as he grows to be the super man you intend him to be.

Just my thoughts,



One response to “Super Thanks”

  1. Janet says :

    A wonderful idea, Sean.I start every month by making a “thanksgiving” list of 50 things I’m thankful for from the previous month. It’s a great discipline. I have a book filled with “thanksgivings” back to 1992 — better than a diary (and the months I missed tell their own story about where I was at the time!)…. I love looking back over it from time to time.And Eliott’s awfully cute, too.

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