Aw, Phooey

Things about me #1 of 25:

One Halloween when I was in grade school, I dressed as Hong Kong Phooey.

The homemade costume consisted of a bathrobe and a mask. Didn’t even spring for dog ears or a make-up nose.

Still, I was greatly insulted when at a costume parade, the emcee not only didn’t recognize the costume, but didn’t know the character at all.

Sheesh. Those people had no sense of culture.

Just my thoughts,



One response to “Aw, Phooey”

  1. David Goulet says :

    Hong Kong Phooey? Was he a HB toon? Kind of a weird name. Is it a pun about food?Sorry, I guess I was the kid at the party snickering in the corner. “Is that Bruce Flea?”

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