I Heart Doctors

What I am thankful for this week: Doctors and nurses.

Off the top of my head, I can think of eight people close to me with medical dealings this week.

One got a no cancer verdict.

One was prescribed ten weeks of meds and a scheduled return.

One was chastised for not following medical instructions.

And one experienced death and resurrection.

A friend, Peter, was having some lower chest pain. After enduring it for a day, he decided to have a doctor check and see if it was heart related.

He did this because he is married, and our wives are smarter than we are.

The doc thought everything looked fine, but suggested he go to the ER to have some blood work done.

At the ER, they put him in a bed, attached a heart monitor, and then, within a few seconds, watched him pass out.

He had a heart attack, there on the bed, with the heart monitor beeping – or rather flatlining – away.

Whereupon the physicians used the paddles and CPR equipment that was sitting right there, and got his heart going again.

Not out long enough for any damage. Dead, sure; but no damage.

He’s fine now, with a stint and a proper blood flow.

So the moral of the story: if you are going to have a heart attack, do it in an emergency room.

On a bed.

With a heart monitor hooked up.

Just my thoughts,


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