Yo, Momma!

Things to watch:

My drama group now has our Mother’s Day tribute, Yo Momma!, on line. Picture is from the shoot (thanks, Lauren!)

After you watch that, you can check out a piece I wrote, Witness Protection.

But the big news is: FELLOWSHIP! is back!

Directed by friend Joel McCrary, this romping spoof of THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING is among the funniest shows I have seen in LA.

Nope, sorry. That is not accurate.

It is flat out the funniest show I have seen in LA.

Opening at the Falcon Theater in Burbank, tickets are now on sale.

Just my thoughts,


2 responses to “Yo, Momma!”

  1. Gaffney says :

    The scenes with the golf cart are so funny. And its true about the kids getting thinner when Mom’s away. Great job!

  2. gilliebean says :

    Sean, Witness Protection was great! I laughed. I felt something. Very nice.

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