Mooning About

I was three going on four when Armstrong made his one small step, so I don’t have much recollection of the event.

But in honor of the anniversary, I thought I would reminisce about moon references.

In no particular order:

– “From the Earth to the Moon” This mini-series is among the best television has to offer.

– “Fool Moon” Bill Irwin and David Shiner clowning it up on Broadway. Laughed until it hurt – and still couldn’t stop laughing.

– Oz, the werewolf from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Still the best metaphor for puberty ever.

– “Space: 1999” Realized recently that I remember very little from this show, other than the design of the space ships, that it starred the cool guy from “Mission: Impossible,” and that it was about the moon breaking out of orbit and careening out into space.

Mostly, though, I remember it because 1999 seemed so far away that it was safe to put in the title of a show and we’d never get there to learn if the stuff really happened or not.

Not as bad of a faux pas as calling your show “James at 16,” then trying to figure out what happens to the brand name in season two…

– Saturn Girl Okay, she wasn’t born on our moon, but on Titan, a moon of Saturn. “Legion of Superheroes” was my favorite comic, and I had a secret crush on Saturn Girl. Well, not so secret, as she can read minds…

– Moon Walking I was never much of a Michael Jackson fan, but do admit spending a significant amount of time one week trying to imitate the moonwalk. Finally decided that the problem with the floor surfaces that I was trying it on, not my inherent lack of any dancing ability whatsoever.

– “By the Light of the Silvery Moon” My introduction to those tight, four-part barbershop harmonies. I still stop and listen when I hear the style.

– “Blue Moon” After a date in Seattle, I danced with a girl in the back yard singing this song to her. Convinced her I was a romantic, so when I proposed later, she agreed.

Just my thoughts,



2 responses to “Mooning About”

  1. Sonya says :

    I'm feeling weirdly out of sync with recent news — moon landing, Frank McCourt, Walter Cronkite. The Michael Jackson part is the one cultural reference I connect with! Times like these make you feel your generation-ness.

  2. David Goulet says :

    Space 1999 — that was a weird show. Silly looking laser guns, a late series edition of a shapeshifting alien babe, and Barbara Bain as the grey power hottie.Not a show to watch if your into recreational pharmaceuticals.

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