HTKWAP/PDBWTAS: #3 Volume Control

“How to Know When a Pundit/Politician Doesn’t Believe What They Are Saying.”

Guideline #3: If one believes that the best/only hope for defending their stance is to prevent the other side from being heard, chances are one doesn’t believe what one is saying.


Pundit #1: I think the real core of the health care issue is-


As you can see, Pundit #2 has a pretty persuasive argument.

There is a place, so I am told, where individuals with differing points of view discuss their opinions.

They listen to each other.

They ponder their opponent’s words, weighing them against their own.

Then they decide, allowing the best argument – the one that makes the most sense, is the most reasonable, and is the most beneficial to all – to win the day.

That place is somewhere between Santa’s workshop and Never Never Land.

Here in the real world, we resolve issues the American way – whoever shouts loudest wins.

And so I offer (for free) a tactic for the Republican Party to win back the White House back in ’12.

They should groom Mary Murphy from “So You Think You Can Dance” to be their candidate.

Just imagine the debates. Mary starts with,

“We’re on the Republican hot tamale train to Washington! WHOOOOOOOOOOOO….”

She holds her trademark scream out for fifty-nine minutes until the cameras turn off – ain’t no soaring rhetoric going to get around that girl.

Of course she isn’t perfect.

She currently listens with respect to her colleagues before giving her own loud opinions.

But I am sure we can cure her of that deficiency before the primaries.

Just my thoughts,


Bonus tip: If the show you watch that claims to give you both sides of the issue spends most of its hour with people shouting over each other, you aren’t getting either side of the issue.

Time to find a new channel.



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