Pixar Leak

I’m working on an interesting post about politics and media — really, I am. But things keep getting in the way.

For example, my day job expects me to do some work-related stuff during work hours. (I know! Can you believe it?)

And I’m writing and directing a short that shoots in a week and a few days.

And my wife asked me to do the dishes. (I didn’t do them, but it took time wrangling my way out of that one.)

Add to that keeping up on the World Series of Poker (okay, didn’t the dad with cancer just break your heart?), as well as end of world apocalypse movies (Children of Men, Doomsday and Babylon A.D.), that marathon of ’80’s Fantastic Four cartoons, and (clearly) watching for web videos to pass on to y’all, hows a guy to get anything done?

So instead, I give you some real Hollywood news — a leak of the next Pixar project. I think this one will blow Finding Nemo out of the water.

Just my thoughts,



One response to “Pixar Leak”

  1. David Goulet says :

    On IMAX and in 3D…I am already in line for this one. The fast food tie-ins and toy sales will be mega. Mega!These guys are not only visual pioneers but they 'get' story.Long live the Cube!

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