A Little Clarity With My Chocolate, Please

I base all my life decisions on Dove chocolate fortunes.  And why not?  If dark chocolate can give bad advice, I just don’t want to try anymore.

But today’s post-meal treat says this:

“Keep your promises to yourself and to others.”

Now at first glance, it seems to say, “Hey, stop telling me your promises.  Keep them to yourself.”

But then the “and to others” throws that off — how can I keep something to myself that I also share with others?

So I thought maybe it was just saying, “Keep your promises.  For your sake, as well as for others.”

But then there would be a comma after the word “promises.” 

There is no comma.

Now I don’t know what to do — should I tell people my promises, or keep them to myself?  My life is spinning out of control, and I don’t know where to turn for help.

So just to be safe, I’m going to keep my promises to myself.  And I will only share them with the followers of Jacob on the far side of the island.

Just my thoughts,



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