Palm Sunday is focused on church- not a surprise when one is staying with the rector of Saint Georges.

The family service has live donkeys as part of the proceedings. Cath and I participate in the passion readings.

Wait, the last sentence was not intended to be an explanation of the prior sentence…

In the afternoon, John drove us to the top of Mount Wellington. Finally a clear day where we could actually see! The vistas were amazing.

We had so much fun with Ruth, Moz and their family on our first night in town, we were hoping for a repeat visit prior to leaving Hobart. Ros made arrangements to accommodate, and the four of us toddled out to their place for conversation and stew.


And the stew was good as well.

Evening was "totally informal" church in the rectory. Hymns, prayer, and a break for tea smack dab in the middle. We don't break for tea at my home service; I think I'll suggest it when we get home.

Tomorrow we head out to the second part of our Aussie trilogy of travels.

Just my thoughts,



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