Umbrella Woods

2nd Tuesday is another "be a tourist" day as we took the scenic train to the rain forest village of Kuranda.

"Kuranda" is Australian for "What? You still have money in your bank account? Okay, then we've got a hundred more markets for you!"

The niftiest part of the day was our time in the butterfly sanctuary. Why butterflies would need sanctuary I do not know, but I don't pretend to understand Aussie politics.

The return trip was via sky gondolas on a wire stretching over the rain forest canopy. Pretty dang spectacular.

On a side note, I just misspelled "dang" and my autocorrect fixed it. My computer knows "dang," which impresses me to no end. Let me see if it knows "golly gee willikers."

Nope. Here's the correction: goal gee while.

Not nearly as expressive of old timey wonder.

Just my thoughts,



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