Kevin, Spielberg and Sermon Illustration

Oddities down under:

Over a week away from the States, and Cath and I decide to check out the telly. Up comes an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond featuring our friend Kevin.

Watching our LA friend on Aussie tv. Level of oddness: surreal.

We're riding the sky tram over the canopy of the rain forest, when the air is split by a shrill shriek. I've heard that sound once before – made by the freakasaurs in Jurassic Park in a forest just like the one below us.

Level of oddity: freaky scary.

Easter service includes a children's message. All the kids crowd to the front, sitting on the floor around the cheerful, young and pretty youth leader. She amuses the kidlets and adultlets alike using a fresh, cold bottle of Coca Cola as an illustration of our pre-Fall perfect selves. Then to show the corruption of sin, she takes a small clump of dog poop from her purse, breaks off a chunk and mixes it into the cola bottle.

Then asks if anyone wants a sip.

Easter pooie coke. Level of oddity: bizarre.

And a little bit disgusting.

Just my thoughts,



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