Manly Men

3rd Tuesday we explored Manly Beach.

That's right, I spent a day being Manly. Why is that surprising?

Cath led John, Kitty and me along a path described in her guide book, until realizing that we were way off the described path. We weren't lost, per se. Merely on an un-scheduled adventure.

The off course course took us through WW 2 bunkers, under more than a few giant spider webs, past a hidden lake on a cliffside, and through the mines of Moria.

Oh, the balrog is a lot nicer than you might think.

We eventually found our way back to civilization, caught the ferry back from Manly (that phrase just doesn't sound right) and headed to a pub for a steak dinner special.

Steak twice in one week; I'm really liking it down here.

Just my thoughts,



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