Zoo land

3rd Friday is zoo day.

The Taronga Zoo sits on a hillside facing the city. A brilliant location, as each corner one rounds offers a new spectacular view of the opera house, bridge or skyline.

Highlights for us include watching the ittle bittle elefinks play together (ittle bittle by a combination of distance and comparison to the adults); the snow leopard (Gorgeous – for Cath clearly the Hugh Jackman of the animal kingdom); and the koalas.

The koalas were sleeping when we saw them (they sleep up to twenty hours a day, a skill that quite frankly I admire) which only meant that we had them mostly to ourselves. They would wake up just enough to be incredibly adorable for the cameras.

I imagine that I look equally adorable when I wake up in the morning. Right, hon? Honey? Hmmm, she must have stepped away for a second.

Friday night is the royal wedding. Kitty holds a viewing party, but John and I (hoping to find a better viewing location) head out, and quite by accident watch a movie instead. We console ourselves for having missed the nuptials by stopping at Max Brenners for some chocolate drinks.

Pretty royal, thinks I.

Just my thoughts,



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