Today’s gleam of hope:

In listening to a radio story about the aftermath of Irene, I was struck by a recurring theme that one doesn’t see played out often in our “me” society.

A woman whose travel was delayed, trapping her in an unknown city for two days, said that it was very inconvenient.

But compared to what others must have gone through, it wasn’t all that bad.

A man without power who had been informed that the outage will last up to a week told the interviewer that it was a terrible situation.

But then again, he and his family were stocked with candles and supplies, and there are others out there without that much who need the attention first, so it’s not all that terrible.

Everyone interviewed for the story who had something to complain about came around to saying that all in all, they were just fine.

Ah, perspective. The perfect condiment – it goes well with everything!

Just my thoughts,



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