Christology of Who: Boomtown Part Two

A look at a few of the spiritual themes in Doctor Who, episode “Boomtown” by Russell T. Davies.

SPOILER ALERT:  I will be giving away the end of the episode.

Episode bits pulled from Who Transcripts.

For part one, go here.
The story so far: Margaret (aka Blon Fel Fotch), is about to be sent back home to a waiting death penalty by the Doctor. She has made several efforts to convince the Doctor to let her go, none of them work.
So Margaret forgets arguments, turns the table on the Doctor, and prepares to use the Tardis to blow up the world and ride her surfboard to freedom.
But in doing so, she exposes herself to the Heart of the Tardis.
Bathed in its light, really.

Breathing heavily, Margaret stares into the light, as if forgetting everything else. Her voice becomes dreamy and vague.

It’s … so bright…

Look at it, Margaret…

… Beautiful…

Look inside, Blon Fel Fotch. Look at the light.

Margaret is transfixed by the light, and her grip on Rose relaxes. Rose stumbles out of the way and back to Jack. Margaret continues to stare into the light, a blissful smile spreading across her face. Then, she looks up at the Doctor who smiles slightly.

(softly, genuinely)
Thank you …

She is engulfed by the light, and when it clears, her body-suit flops on top of the extrapolator, empty.

She’s not dead, as one (or at least Jack) might suppose.
Rather, the Spirit that has engulfed her transforms her back into an egg.

She’s an egg?

Regressed to her childhood.

She’s an egg?

She can start again! Live her life from scratch. If we take her home, give her to a different family, tell ’em to bring her up properly, she might be all right!

Or she might be worse.

That’s her choice.

She’s an egg.

She’s an egg.

And thus, has a chance to be saved.
It’s not pity, or good deeds, or promises or threats – the only way to avoid the death penalty, the only true grace, is to be bathed by the Spirit and born again.
Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”
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Next up: Dalek and Parting of Ways


2 responses to “Christology of Who: Boomtown Part Two”

  1. Amy Sey says :

    Just wanted to say that I'm enjoying your series. These are things I've come back to time and again, and now I think I see why. Keep up the good work!

  2. Gaffney says :

    Thanks for the encouragement!

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