Chicago Style Voting

As you must know by now, a commercial I co-wrote has made it as a finalist for the Doritos: Crash the Superbowl contest (Sling Baby!), and if it gets enough votes it will air during the Superbowl.

And you know you can vote everyday – but did you know you can vote more than once a day?

Vote once each in a 24 hour period per platform: once on the Doritos site, once on Facebook, once on your mobile device, once on Buzzfeed, once on Xbox and once by happening to see a banner ad in your on line travels. That’s up to six votes per person per day!

Go here for a daily reminder or for links to voting:

Or follow these links:

 1.  Facebook – Go to:

2.  Doritos Site – Go to: – /?finalist=13253

3.   Cell Phone – Go to (you can use this link even if you don’t have a cell phone!)

4.  Buzzfeed – Go To

5.  Xbox – Coming Soon

6.   Banner Ads – If you see a banner ad, it counts as a free vote, so you can vote again each day if you find one!




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