Predictions for 2011

Ever wonder what last year might be like?

Okay, some of you actually know what last year was like, but thinking about 2011 is easy from 2012.

Try it from 1911.

Buzzfeed has a copy of a The Ladies Home Journal article from 1911 predicting life in 100 years.

Some things are amazingly accurate – photos will be sent over the telegraph, operas will be heard in individual’s homes, hot and cold air will be pumped (by spigot!) into people’s homes to regulate the temperature of the air, and we will be able to travel to England in only two days time!

Some things are a little off – while getting right that every school and community will have fully functional gyms, the notion that “anyone not able to walk ten miles at a stretch will be considered a weakling” hasn’t quite been fulfilled.

Just my thoughts,



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