Sling Baby Wisdom: Thank You

Sling Baby says:

Thank you for voting for Sling Baby!


Sean says:

I second that, and thank you Sling Baby for sharing your wisdom. Voting is now closed – and many of you are asking if we won. The answer is:

I don’t know. They will not announce the winners until it actually airs.

In fact, the Doritos people are flying out the directors of all five finalists to the Super Bowl (alas, I will not be going), and will film them as they watch the game from the Doritos booth. The winners will know they won when their commercial airs, the non-winners will know they non-won when their commercial does not air.

“How about your million bucks?” I hear you ask.

Here is how the million works: If our ad airs, AND it makes it to the top three on the ad meter, we get some money. The ad meter measures response to ALL ads playing during the Super Bowl, so we are being measured against Budweiser, Pepsi, and those dogs barking out Darth Vader’s theme music.

But wait, there’s more! The two days after the Super Bowl, there will be an online site taking votes for the people’s favorite commercial. If our ad airs, and we score in the top three on that site, we win some money.  So between the ad meter and the online voting site, whatever one scores best is our winning number.


So watch the Super Bowl, and keep an eye out to see if Sling Baby makes an appearance!



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